Competition result

The Heart of the Metropolis – the City of Helsinki’s two-stage open international architectural competition for the design of the Helsinki Central Library has been resolved.

See press releasepress photosall boards of stage2 entries and author information and intructions for use of images.

Download the competition jury report.

The competition jury unanimously decided that the winner is ALA Architects’ entry “Käännös”.


 In the jury report, the competition jury characterised the winning entry as follows: “The architecture of the proposal is of a very high quality, executed with relaxed, broad strokes, and memorable. The proposal provides excellent premises for the development of a completely new functional concept for the library. The building has a unique appeal and the prerequisites to become the new symbolic building which Helsinki residents, library users, as well as the staff will readily adopt as their own.”

No Second Prize was awarded.

Shared Third Prize was awarded to the entries ”Liblab” by Playa Architects and “Kasi” by Verstas Architects.



Of the six entries selected for Stage 2 of the competition, an Honourable Mention was awarded to the entry ” The Heartbeat of Helsinki” by Henning Larsen Architects.

Additionally, the jury decided to award Honourable Mentions to four entries from Stage 1:

  • ”Through the Looking Glass” by Mars architectes
  • ”Illuminatio” by TARKA Architectural Studio
  • “Cultural Incubator” by Monica Ponce de Leon
  • ”Helsinki Link” by Kutonotuk

See event for publishing the result of the competition on 14.6 at Music Centre

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