Stage 2 of the competition

Competition entries selected for further design development

From the 544 competition entries that arrived for Stage 1 of the competition, the jury have selected the following six for Stage 2 of the competition:

Entry no. 40, pseudonym ”Liblab”

Entry no. 144, pseudonym ”Wave”

Entry no. 149, pseudonym ”Käännös”

Entry no. 160, pseudonym ”Kasi”

Entry no. 357, pseudonym ”The Diagonal Agora”

Entry no. 375, pseudonym ”The Green Metropolis”

Further design guidelines for the competition entries

Further design guidelines for the competition entries (.pdf, 3.5 MB)

Competition technical information

During Stage 2 of the competition, the competition programme with the specifications given below shall be followed.

Competition period for the Stage 2

The competition period for Stage 2 is 21.11.2012 – 20.2.2013. The scale models can be submitted 2 weeks later (6.3).

Competition documents

See Competition documents for competition documents added / completed in Stage 2

Questions concerning the Stage 2

The competitors selected for Stage 2 can pose questions concerning the competition task up until 7.12.2012. The questions shall be submitted via the page “Questions and answers” and the answers will be published on the same page.

Required competition documents (Stage 2)

In Stage 2 of the competition, the documents described in section 5.2, with the below specifications, must be provided:

5. At least 4 illustrations (the external perspectives must show the library’s relationships to the neighbouring) as follows:
- An external perspective from Mannerheimintie road at pedestrian eye level (in front of the Finnish Parliament building)
- An external perspective from the north side of Töölönlahdenkatu street seen from the park area.
- An external perspective upon arrival at the building from the Elielinaukio piazza at pedestrian eye level.
− An interior perspective from an optional location inside the building.

13. Scale model, 1: 200

The borders of the scale model are presented in appendix document 4 (N). The dimensions of the model base are: 328 mm x 813 mm and the height position (of the base) is -5.8 m. The competitor can make the model in colour or white, according to their own judgement.

14. The facades that the competitor deems relevant are to be presented in greater detail, in the scale 1:50. Of each of these, a structural cross-section and representative slice of the facade are to be presented.

Submission of entries selected for Stage 2

Stage 2 of the competition ends on 20.2.2013 (scale models can be submitted by 6.3.2013). The competition entry must be submitted to the address given below with proof (clearly postmarked or registered as evidence of the dispatch date) that it has been handed over to the post office or other courier service for transportation on or before 20.2.2013 (the scale models on or before 6.3.2013).

Note: The competitors are responsible for ensuring that the entries sent on or before the closing dates (given above) with proof by mail or courier service are received at the latest by 6.3.2013 (the scale models by 20.3.2013) and that the competition entry will not be held back in the customs. The competitors are advised to describe the contents of the package as for example: “Design competition documentation, no resale value”.

Alternatively, the competition entries can be handed in to the recipient no later than 20.2.2012 (the scale models by 6.3.2013) by 15.30 hrs (Finnish time zone, UTC+2.

Customer service / Lea Inkinen
Sörnäistenkatu 1, 3rd floor, 00580 Helsinki (visiting address)
P.O. Box 2213, 00099 City of Helsinki (postal address)

The opening hours of Customer Service are mon – fri 8.15-16.00.

The packages must be marked with the text “Central Library Design Competition Stage 2”.

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